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Seminars on Business Planning

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o you have what it takes to go into business for yourself?

          The personality?   resources?  education?  confidence?

           perseverance?  adaptability to change? 

           entrepreneurial spirit?

o you know what a Business Plan is?

            Its importance?   the necessity?  its contents?


PinPoint Business Services offers business planning presentations tailored to the needs of the audience.  We also offer comprehensive sections on market research and the financial planning aspects of the Business Plan preparation.

Our interactive style is combined with a slide show presentation, hands-on problem solving, and take home handouts.  Participants will be taught how to prepare a business plan for financial assistance from the SBA, bank or investors.

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Phone: (770) 528-6198


Marietta, Georgia 30067

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It's the size of your ideas,

not the size of your business that matters.