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Truck & Bus Services--IFTA Reports 

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Don't Gamble with you IFTA Reports!

Independent Truckers have the unique situation as businessmen and businesswoman who are often both staff and management.  As managers, you are on the road, away from home and office, and yet still responsible for the paperwork requirements of regulatory reporting such as to the IRS and the quarterly IFTS (fuel and mileage reporting).  As staff, you are on the road driving safely and finding assignments to maximize your resource - your truck or bus.    Both jobs are necessary and your responsibility.

Organizing and categorizing your receipts is sometimes a dreaded but a vital function as the first step towards preparing for regulatory reporting requirements.  Perhaps,  this important task is not done timely or correctly.  There are penalties such as fines if not done timely.  You may pay too much in taxes or not get the proper refund if the report contains mathematical errors.  However, keeping up with the IFTA reports is important to your financial livelihood.  Non-compliance may result in penalties such as fines or even suspension of your license.  This may be avoided.

PinPoint Business Services can make this task easier for you.  We will organize your receipts into expense categories.  This will allow us to complete your IFTA Reports and have your receipts ready for your tax preparer.   This service is computerized for error-free delivery.  Original receipts are returned to the owner's possession.  Also, available is a maintenance reminder service for your truck and trailer if you desire. 

Manager and staff, plan to spend time with your family and friends (or taking another assignment to make more money), while PinPoint Business Services takes care of your paperwork for you.  Other reporting services may be available, please ask.

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Keeping up with

IFTA reports

is important to your

financial well-being!